Anabel Garcia Del Castillo

Resonance from Within

Introducing Anabel Garcia del Castillo

Resonance from Within


Several months ago I had the opportunity to see the Valencian orchestra playing in the Palau de Musica in Valencia featuring Anabel Garcia del Castillo as orchestra master. I found this to be an extremely uplifting experience.

I was a relative newcomer to classical music although my background in music production management meant I had worked with a good many musicians over the years from many different genres and I have a great appreciation of what goes into the talent and performance on this scale.

It was my pleasure to be introduced to Anabel after the concert and via mutual friends we made a lovely connection. Since then we have spent time together and more recently Anabel has told me about her energy work.

Anabel is exceptionally talented as a Violinist. She comes from a long line of five generations of violinists in her family so the musical blood runs in her veins. She has taught in Universities all over Europe after completing her formative studies in New York.

More recently Anabel was talking to me about her energy work which she has started and I was very interested to hear that Anabel is a Reiki master (how did she find the time?)…

… this made sense that someone so gifted in music would be sensitive and responsive to all creative energy flow.

Anabel Garcia Del Castillo

When I met Anabel I was coming out of a long period of illness and for a number of years I had been living on my own with only my own thoughts and plenty of time for reflection on my life. I had been struggling and searching to recover and found that rather than looking outward to the medical community, I made more headway looking inwards and discovering what my body was trying to tell me. In short I was almost like a hermit who had lived in a dark cave and was just tentatively emerging into the light to find my life transformed and my energy on the rise.

I had not spoken too much to Anabel about this situation but I knew she was aware. Part of this emergence came from the raising of my vibration through creative practice, understanding some of the basic philosophy of love and energy exchange and embracing my own creativity through painting which has led me to art therapy and a need to share this amazing healing practice.

This in turn has led me to a group of people who I believe I was meant to meet at this time in my life and had it not been for the 8 years of incubation, of pain and struggle, of putting aside childhood ways of seeing the world I don’t believe our spirits would have called us all together.

I can only describe the process as divine, the timing inspired and the connection as essential;

now I am in the privileged position of working with one of the most insightful, powerful energy workers I have had the pleasure to meet.

I strongly believe that Anabel’s gifts, insight and higher vibration is a healing source that she shares with us. Anabel is a truly gifted healer and Master of creative art who we are blessed to have in our midst.

 I have personally found her insight like a quickening that stirs the belly, her aim is direct but comes with the resonance of love and healing comfort.


We begin our journey with small exclusive workshops of five days for those who are in a place they struggle to pass through.

With reference to the power of the landscape, the old rituals that bring about a connection and a lifting of spirit, Anabel brings her piercing insight to bear upon our emotional and spiritual landscape for the first time in the UK.

Prepare for the spirit to rise and the body and soul to heal.


Brought to you by ADL workshops in light and love.

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